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Изменено (YechiamTK): 6/14/2019 11:47:06 AM

Experiencing random connectivity issues

Hi, Almost ever since I've purchased D2 I've had many connectivity issues that would result in me getting kicked out of crucible, gambit, and comp matches (which has resulted in a very hard time to advance in comp levels because every few games I'd lose connectivity which would decrease my valor points, and often cause me to be suspended from matches). I've thought at first it was something to do with my internet, but frankly I have a very decent internet connection (getting sometimes above 100Mbps download, around 5Mbps upload). The only thing I can think of is either bad configuration of my connection to the D2 servers (which if you guys got any suggestions on I'd be thrilled to hear), or me being located a bit far from the D2 servers (I'm from Israel). If anyone has any suggestion, information, or even simply a "that's how it is" answer, I'd be happy to receive it :)

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