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6/15/2019 10:09:31 PM
Actually, consoles don't need a recoil reduction at all. What they need are some actually good controller options, and a way to customize the sensitivity curve of Destiny. I can control recoil just fine in other console shooters because those games let me customize the sensitivity curve. In Apex Legends I use the R-99 like an assault rifle because I can control the recoil with a controller. I can only do that because Apex Legends lets me customize the sensitivity curve. Basically, I can make the thumbsticks more responsive to the inputs I'm making with the sticks. In Destiny there's only 1 sensitivity curve and even 10 sensitivity isn't going to help control recoil because small, minute adjustments to to the stick (to adjust aim) aren't actually recognized. It's a heavily modified curve. And anyway while we're on controller options in Destiny, this franchise has the same (nearly identical) controller options as Bungie's first console shooter from 2001, Halo: CE. The game really needs a slider to adjust the sensitivity curve on a 1:1 (linear) ratio

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