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6/14/2019 5:07:06 AM

Small recoil reduction needed on console.

I already know the response people will bring up about the subject. Controlling wild recoil on mouse and keyboard doesn't feel right. Well it doesn't particularly feel great on console with a controller either. I was watching some PC players do the raid using recluse and mountain top. They were mapping enemies with recluse effortlessly. With a controller there is no way i would be able to land all my shots at that distance with a 900 rpm SMG. No way. I'm not asking for the same recoil as PC, but a small reduction would be great. A buff to how much stability helps as well as how much counterbalance helps could be useful. We all know there is a issue with bloom and recoil on hand cannons. But it exists with all weapons. Pulse, auto, SMG, even scout rifles!

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