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6/15/2019 4:28:59 PM
Since Forsaken launched, I basically haven't used any auto rifles or scout rifles. I tried. But you're right, compared to a good pulse or hand cannon, they just don't compare. I'm not sure the actual DPS difference, but they certainly feel weak and like you're at a disadvantage using them. This is weird because my positive outlook auto in year 1 was so strong in PVE and my mannanan (sp?) Scout was a beast, even in raids. I used them in the Forsaken early campaign and pretty much immediately vaulted them once I got a Go Figure.. lol. I even put the time in to get Oxygen SR3 and Breakneck, played with them a little, felt "meh" to me, even for pinnacle weapons. Just don't feel like they have the stopping power or damage of a good hand cannon or pulse. We should be careful though, Bungie might read this and nerf the good weapon archetypes instead of buffing the weak ones 😭😭😭

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