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впервые опубликовано в: Destiny 1 Raid Mechanics were much more fun and less Mind boggling
6/15/2019 6:36:14 AM
Ive got two problems with d2 raids: 1) Every raid is far too complicated. If everyone on the team needs to be absolutely perfect, yes thats a challenge, but it isnt fun. Raids should be hard, but doable. Its already difficult finding a team thats okay with mistakes, but mixing that with raids where one tiny mistake from one dude makes you wipe is one biiiiig oof. 2) If i need a phone or computer or something other than the game to tell me what symbols are what, where the symbols go, or whatever charts are needed for certain encounters, i guarantee i will not like that encounter in the slightest. Theres a reason literally everyone wants to cheese Riven. (Its because its waaaaaaay too complicated for normal human beings) I get Bungie wants to challenge the streamers with their little race garbage, but i feel like they should focus more on making the raids really enjoyable and unique with cool environments and encounters instead of really complicated, mind boggling, boring garbage that just makes you wipe over and over and over again until you finally finish an encounter and you just feel happy its over. Maybe its just me though, idk.

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