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6/15/2019 4:21:52 AM

Help with Emblem problem

Hello bungie i need some help on a matter at hand earlier today i had purchased the destiny 2 forsaken bundle box that you can only get from gamestop. with the statue and game and Emblem. The great and Mighty Cayde's last stand Emblem well much to my surprise i attempted to redeem the code to claim it and it keeps popping up with this code has already been claimed by another account so after that i called gamestop to report my issue and they were baffled by what i was informing them of and then they told me that it was a brand new collectors box and had never been opened so here's where i started to get frustrated and i did open the box new so now im contacting ya'll about this and i would very much like MY CODE FOR MY EMBLEM. here is the code that came with my box C9L-NNN-A9J so go look for yourself and you will see it doesn't work. Please help me on this i paid good money to get my items and collectibles. down below i will provide my email address that you may contact me at and i will also include my gamertag as well. Thank You Email Gamertag Demon X Goku666

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