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6/14/2019 7:48:13 PM

Autos need a buff to damage as well as stability (rant time).

When I say a damage buff, I'm only talking about pve. 450s do tickle damage and the rest kind of take too long to kill anything unless you are way over their light level. Their damage is pathetic despite needing to be absolutely on point just to kill the same enemies as pulses and handcannons, something I think is significantly harder to do when you don't have a near god roll. Their damage, paired with their outrageous recoil makes using them a pain in the ass. I have a few good autos with rolls suitable enough for PvP, but actually obtaining one is incredibly tedious. I think it's stupid that, most other weapon types don't even need you to watch for rolls for them to be comfortably usable...but autos don't get that kind of treatment. If you were to farm a misfit, ether doctor, gnawing hunger, or age-old bond, chances are that you will get them with garbage rolls, ultimately leading to a dismantle. When I got a gnawing hunger with extended barrel, Zen moment, and tactical mag, I was excited to use it...only to see that it's the worst auto i have ever laid my titans fat hands on. With 3 perks to improve general stability, it shook more than hardlight does and a counterbalance mod ACTUALLY did nothing. But the funny thing is, is that if you got another roll for ad clear, it gets even worse. Subsistence, kill clip, flared magwell, and polygonal rifling. Sounds like a solid roll for just killing stuff right? On a handcannon or pulse rifle, that doesn't sound half bad right? can't even use it. I seriously think that I've seen less spread on shotguns. I will actually post a clip of this piece of garbage in action if you don't believe me. Like, I'd rather use hardlight while firing from the hip. (I'm overexxagerating, but I'm telling you it's terrible). This example I used is just one of many absolutely ridiculous issues autos are forced to deal with. Because for whatever reason, shooting straight in a game that demands precision just isn't allowed for autos. And even if you are precise, you do absolutely nothing the other weapon types can't do, because most other primary weapons can one trigger pull kill trash mobs, and in an autos case it takes that whole trigger pull just to kill a couple at a time per magazine. Their design is so stupid that it makes sense on why next to nobody uses them. It's not because getting a good one is hard, it's that there's next to no good ones to begin with. And of the good ones, they do the LOWEST damage I've ever seen a weapon do. Like, breakneck struggles just to get its damn perk active without flushing a quarter of its magazine down the drain. They can't be used for anything but strikes and even then they still suck. Pc players might not understand how I can talk shit about autos, but it's legitimately terrible without an all god roll. I've got a ether doctor with a stability masterwork, ricochet rounds, and dynamic sway reduction, as well as a counterbalance mod, and there are still terrible rolled 450 rpm pulses that shoot better than this garbage. Like, at this point it's not even funny anymore. Because they are "easy to use" they deserve to shoot like shit? What type of stupid moronic thinking is this? This ridiculous bias against them that bungie seems to have is getting old and is growing tiresome and it HAS TO CHANGE. Because its really getting boring using nothing but handcannons and pulses in pve.

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