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Изменено (Your AccompIice): 6/14/2019 4:50:14 PM

Quick tribute to the death of Nya

Today was a dark day to some and good day to others. Nya has fallen, some rejoice, others mourn. I thought I’d make a little something to sum up the dramatic story: [i] Today was filled with much emotion, battles with Nya caused quite the commotion! The battle varied to and fro, but together we rallied and dealt with her so Who ended her? maybe me, or Spartan201, no, it ‘twas Bop who dealt the killing blow. Why O why, these lands aren’t cruel! I did not think they could hold such a duel! Tearful and broken Bop was crushed. His violent wails could not be hushed! We chose to bury her and not to burn, but I hear she very well might return... [/i]

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