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Destiny 2

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The Logs of Giant-1: Chapter 2

[i]According to Echo, I had opened my eyes a few hours after we crashed. I had banged my face hard against the dashboard, and one of my arms was just...gone. I had difficulty breathing, which is weird when I say it out loud, since I’m an Exo, and I don’t need oxygen to survive. I tried to examine my surroundings a bit, but wasn’t able to see much due to the harsh pain I felt from my neck. The ship was a mess. My beautiful, beautiful ship, was reduced to a smoldering vestige of what it once was. There was a fire burning from one of the engines way in the back. One of the wings was gone, not that it needed wings anymore. Comms were down, per usual, and the navigation systems showed that we were in the Reef. “ do I look?....” I struggled to say to my ghost. “You look terrible. Not as bad as that one time on Mars, but terrible.” Echo tried healing me, but as he did a few sparks flew from his battered shell, and he shrunk back into his usual form. “It’s no good. I took some damage from the crash, so I can’t heal you.” “Shank...” I muttered. “Guess I’m in quite the predicament aren’t I?” I dragged myself out of my ship and decided to find some real shelter. Perhaps there were some guardians still out here that could help. I didn’t find any guardians, but some Fallen found me. And unfortunately they weren’t too friendly. Seeing that I was unarmed and without my Light, they decided to have some fun with me. They started beating me with their four arms, I without any strength to fight back. They knocked me to the ground, and started kicking me repeatedly. It didn’t hurt much actually. I was already in tremendous pain from the crash, so this was merely a scratch in comparison. The Fallen soon recognized this, and decided to just end my painful existence there and then. A Captain came up to my weakened frame and put one heavy foot on my neck, probably going for my windpipe as a way of killing me. I looked around. Echo wasn’t there. I breathed a sigh of relief, and shut my eyes to accept my death and pray that he survived, so hopefully I could fight again someday. But I wasn’t going to die that day. A shadow passed over the Captain. I couldn’t see what caused it because my head was hard pressed to the ground. I saw the Fallen turn, and a few of them were suddenly decapitated with a single shot from a sniper caliber round. [/i]”Nice shot.”[i] I thought. After that I heard a few more shots, this time from a sidearm. The Captain standing over me was dispatched and I was crushed by the weight of his corpse. The figure rolled the dead captain’s body over, and stood over me. I couldn’t make out who it was that saved me due to the the light from behind them, and I was already slipping into unconsciousness from loss of...well not blood, but maybe other...fluids?.... In any case, I passed out. Again. [/i] ——————————————————— [url=]Previous Chapter[/url] [url=]Next Chapter[/url] [url=]Index[/url]

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