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Изменено (ASM): 6/14/2019 4:44:05 PM

PC | NA | EU | Anti Scrub Movement [ASM] | Looking for Others to Grind & Shoot Space Aliens |

💠 [b]Welcome Guardians, to [PC] Anti Scrub Movement [ASM]![/b] 💠 [b]Anti Scrub Movement [/b]is looking for players that are active and aren’t offended by clubbing baby seals, gas fumes, or bald eagles soaring through the sky with a snake in their talons. It’s important to own together, because clans that own together, stay together. If you want a clan with active members that will help you grind until your little heart’s desires are fulfilled, there will be someone with the same out of whack schedule you have. Join us in glory, or stand back and be the bloody liquid Calus drinks from his Lil’ Jon pimp cup. . [b][u][url=]Join Our Discord[/url], Hang out! At Least be there for our LFM Channels![/u] - Discord : [url=]Click Here to Join The Discord[/url][/b] [b]If you have any Questions, Join [url=]Discord[/url] & Go to #✋-staff-i-need-help-✋ to ask any Question![/b] . [b][u]Requirements:[/u][/b] [b]-[/b] PC Only [b]-[/b] Must Have All Expansions / DLC's [b]-[/b] [b] [url=]Discord Desktop App[/url] (with a mic) [/b] [b]-[/b] English Chat Only [b]-[/b] Age : 18+ (No Exceptions) [b]-[/b] At Least 1 Guardian at 650+ Light Level . [b][u]How do I join?[/u][/b] [b]1.[/b] > UPVOTE this Recruitment Post. [b]2.[/b] > Apply to Clan (Leave your Old Clan First). [b]3.[/b] > Make a comment below with BattleNet ID, Region (NA or EU), and Which Clan you Applied to. [b]4.[/b] > [b][url=]Join The Discord.[/url] [/b] [b]5.[/b] > Once you Join Discord, Respond to Anti Scrub Bot in your Direct Messages [b]6.[/b] > Follow Steps to Register with the ASM Bot. . [b][u]> NA [North-America Clans] : 2 - 6[/u][/b] [b]NA : Anti Scrub Movement I [/b] : [b]Full[/b] [b]NA : Anti Scrub Movement II [/b] : [b]Full[/b] [b]NA : Anti Scrub Movement III [/b] : [b][url=]Click To Apply To Clan 3[/url] [/b] : [b]LFM[/b] [b]NA : Anti Scrub Movement IV [/b] : [b][url=]Click To Apply To Clan 4[/url] [/b] : [b]LFM[/b] [b]NA : Anti Scrub Movement V [/b] : [b]Full[/b] [b]NA : Anti Scrub Movement VI [/b] : [b]Full[/b] . [b][u]> EU [European] : 7 & 8[/u][/b] [b]EU : Anti Scrub Movement VII [/b] : [b][url=]Click To Apply To Clan 7[/url] [/b] : [b]LFM[/b] [b]EU : Anti Scrub Movement VIII [/b] : [b]Full[/b] . [b][u]> NA / EU : 9 & 10[/u][/b] [b]NA / EU : Anti Scrub Movement IX [/b] : [b]Full[/b] [b]NA / EU : Anti Scrub Movement X [/b] : [b][url=]Click To Apply To Clan 10[/url] [/b] : [b]LFM[/b] . [b]If you have any Questions, Join [url=]Discord[/url] & Go to #✋-staff-i-need-help-✋ to ask any Question![/b]

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