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впервые опубликовано в: If you are going to nerf the exotics, nerf reckoning, too
6/14/2019 10:00:31 AM
[quote]If reckoning was designed around exotics that give quick charging supers, it doesn't make sense to nerf the exotics but leave reckoning unchanged.[/quote] In ma opinion, Reckoning disnae need nerfing but something does need doin boot th stomping. Reckoning is not hard, it is not challenging and I certainly wouldn’t say it is endgame. Reckoning is just frustrating and boring. The bridge is the deciding factor - if you can get past the stomping then you should be able to finish it. But the stomping is frustrating, boring and lazy - yes you can negate the stomping, although I have never managed that masel. But many times you are stomped when you are no where near the mini boss, other times you are stomped as soon as the black smoke shows up and there is times when you are dealing wi a mini boss when anither one appears behind you and stomps you.

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