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Изменено (AceMaverick): 6/13/2019 4:16:12 PM
Or better yet..... Get rid of random rolls completely!!! Make it to where you get a base model gun with no perks. Then let us earn mods, perks, stats, and scopes and apply them to the gun we want and build it the way we want. I would love nothing more than to custom build a weapon for my liking and use. I’d gladly pay, and grind for hours to be able to customize a gun or piece of armor to my choosing. Would be amazing to start off with a base gun, add specific mods to it x2, specific perks x2, and specific arc, solar, void to it, and customize the scope we want, red dot, blue dot, green dot, purple, cross hair, V, X, circle and so on... so many scope options.... mag sizes, stability, range, reload, ect.... I’d pay real money for custom builds of my own and be happy to grind for hours!! then truly make it a masterwork of our own!!

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