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6/12/2019 6:16:56 AM

Weekly Emperor Bounty rewards disappearing?

Okay, so I’m an absent minded hoarder. I didn’t realize my modifications were full because I’d just went to Eververse and gotten a new transmat effect and ornament. My consumables, however, had plenty of space. I completed two weekly bounties, claimed them both, one for 150 Imperials, and one for 500. I saw both of the rewards flash on the screen, but no runes, or gear. When I went to check my chalice to see if I had enough to upgrade anything, I noticed my number hadn’t gone up. It was still at 1800. I checked the postmaster from the companion app. Nothing. I left Nessus and went to the tower. Nothing. I then cleared some space in my modifications tab, and competed another weekly bounty. This time, the rewards were available, and my number of Imperials increased. Dude. For real? Why aren’t the rewards going to the postmaster, like almost everything else? And no, my postmaster is empty.

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