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6/12/2019 6:01:21 AM

Adjust Reckoning

In one of Bungies posts they admitted some activities were made in mind with how broken some super regenerating exotics were. It's the post from 5/16/19 the one looking ahead [i]"Also, because these items are so overwhelmingly strong in situations where players face off against large numbers of enemies, some activities were designed considering the use of armor such as Orpheus Rigs, Phoenix Protocol, Skull of Dire Ahamkara, etc. This means if someone in your fireteam doesn't have these Super Exotics equipped, the activity becomes far more difficult"[/i] I strongly believe Reckoning was made with those exotics in mind. But all in favor for making worlds first raid clear race more challenging a lot of exotics got undeservedly nerfed. Some needed(skull) but even them way to hard imo. But with the exotics nerfed that the difficulty was adjusted around those activities become even harder since there not adjusted properly. This is one of those moments Bungie doesn't want us to have fun in pve. Reckoning Tier 3 was still though even with those exotics. Sometimes near impossible because of the blackout modifier(when it's the week with the knights). Reckoning Tier 3 needs to be adjusted with the nerfs of the exotics. If the base reason of the difficulty is nerfed a enormous gap of power difference occurs. I don't want the exotics be brought up together. I just want a fair adjustment to this particular activity. Maybe escalation is now even harder as well but not sure. Haven't played that in a loooong time.

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