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6/11/2019 6:37:13 PM

4500 missing imperials

So because i was out of town and didnt open my barge chests or buy my 3 weekly wealth of the emperor till sunday now because of some reset glitch i cant get any this week which is super weak, imperials are so limited as is and now thats 4500 i cant get this week which is like 60% of the weekly you can get (obv i not including triumphs) but even eith triumphs i did all of the quick ones, i know ill get 4 from the bounties and 1 from this weeks boss but still to be 4500 behind because of a glitch. It was bungies fault they shouldve just allowed the people who got twice the weekly amount to keep it as a bonus and not punish the some 35% of player base that didnt get double last week by giving them nothing this week. C'mon Bungie this is messed up.
#Help #imperials

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