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Destiny 2

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6/11/2019 8:57:20 AM

Bungie's Biggest Contradiction

Bungie doesn't want to balance PVP and PVE separately too much because they don't want guns to feel different. They want things to make sense to the player and I understand that. But when I go from PC to console...... Handcannons go from feeling like masterpieces handcrafted by the gods to what it's like playing freaking Truck Simulator. Not including Trust/LH/NF because their recoil is different... I love the Duke on PC. I have the exact same rolls on it on both PC and console and the difference in effectiveness in all activities is so jarring. Ace of Spades on PC is a miracle in weapon design but on console it's like fingernails on a chalkboard. I know there is probably no way of really fixing this problem without making them too strong... But I really just want Bungie to try, or to even acknowledge it and tell us they can't fix it for whatever reasons.

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