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The state of PvP from the view of a

Alright, iv been stewing on this for a while. I wanted to make sure that I could refine my points so they didn't come off as PvP scrub rage, and I think it got it down. So if you will indulge me for a few minutes, I believe I have a point to make. PvP in Destiny 2 is in a really crappy place. and the sad part is, it's in a similar place to where it was at the end of Destiny 1, at least from the casual player's viewpoint. PLaying in the crucible requires you to have weapons that not only fall into the meta when it comes to weapon types but also perk rolls and masterwork rolls. For someone who plays Destiny for Several hours a day, that wouldn't be an issue, but for someone who only plays 3-4 days a week for 2-3 hours, it can be extremely frustrating to get gun down by someone who didn't necessarily have greater skill than you, but simply a better weapon. So these players avoid PvP as much as possible, only going in with friends, or for the occasional quest. And here is where my biggest issue comes in. The exotic quests that have the player do something in PvP. Even worse, the ones that punish you for dying or losing a match. As one of these players who avoids PvP like Taken Captains avoid gunshots, it can ruin someones drive to play Destiny, to see that they have to spend days/weeks/months (yes it took me months to get the thorn quests done) to get even a little headway in these quests. I've had a few friends quit altogether because they had something they wanted, locked behind a wall of an activity they hated. My solution is as follows. No, I'm not saying "remove weapons like the Recluse", or anything like "Don't allow some perks in PvP". I don't even want to rebalance the meta weapons. I Suggest the addition of alternate quest steps. Instead of having people go into the Crucible to get, say, 300 void kills, let's have an alternate option that lets PvE players get 1000 void hive headshots. Having the alternate option will allow people who don't like PvP to still make meaningful headway towards the quest without the hair pulling frustration, and lets the PvP players do their thing. It's just a suggestion to help make things a little easier for PvE players, without changing things for the PvE players. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk. EDIT: Ok, so iv read a lot of the comments and it seems we have a mixed bag of people. The pve players who done like pvp and hate it when they are forced to play The pve players who play pvp when they have to and don't have any real issue The pvp players who know pvp is busted right now and can see my point and The pvp sweats who think I'm salty for one reason or another. OH, and I had The Last Word itself leave some comments in here somewhere. you can guess which group it fell into. Let me be clear because I don't think my point was translated properly the first time. Im ONLY talking about exotic quests, that's all, and I'm not asking for an easier way to get quests done, I'm asking for a different way to get quests done. Because, like it or not, pvp is broken right now. Between lord of wolves, bygones, jotunn, any number of shotguns, and the rampancy of people seemingly trying to snipe their way into FaZe, PVP is in a really shity place for people who don't play often enough to know or care about the meta get STOMPED. And with most quests punishing you for losing matches or dying, it can take a long time to get these quest steps done. So it easy to understand why some people lament those quests steps, and often just decide to uninstall the game altogether because of it no longer fun. and that's the point I'm trying to make. I will play a game till my fingers fall off if it's fun, but the second I have to do something I don't find fun, I put it off as much as possible, or outright don't play at all. I don't want an easier way to get through a quest, I want a way that lets me have fun. and Crucible isn't fun.

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