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6/10/2019 12:02:12 AM

Xbox account got deleted with all my destiny stuff

So listen, This is gonna be a long text explaining how i lost everything. (Hopefully someone could help me) So a month ago i received an email saying that my xbox microsoft account got deleted. I panicked lol and checked if my xbox account was still there. But nope... The account is gone with the gamertag so i contacted microsoft support to get it back. Cause ive made a lot of purchases on the account. They pretty much told me that they cant fix it. And is gone (i contacted them atleast 4 times regarding this issue) So since it was deleted i thought i could make an account with the same email, and gamertag and when i logged in nothing was there... i was furious, now that i had to buy destiny the complete edition back i just hoped to god that my charachters and all the stuff wasnt deleted. Wel it did... i am really frustraded so i hope this way bungie could look at this and make someone happy. Because i love the game, and starting playing since the demo back in 2014. So... please bungie, have a look at this problem and tell me you could somehow fix this problem qnd retrieve my stuff. Have a great day ;)

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