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Destiny 1 Collection on PC trough XBOX live for PC (Microsoft store) / STEAM or perhaps finally issuing a PC release for it?

I want Destiny 1's content as DLC for D2


I want Destiny 1 properly ported for PC


Hello there guys! I was just wondering if this would be possible in the near future (even better if you port most of the content / story content in Destiny 2, I bet everyone would buy it). The thing is, playing Destiny on a console with a controller is quite a s***ty experience for PC players, so having the option to play the first installment either via a DLC that allows you to play trough Destiny 1 as an origin story, would be a blast! Thank you very much, I am sure I am not the only one having such a request :)) I'll run a poll to see what people thing would be the better option, honestly having D1's full content as DLC content for D2 would be awesome if it can be implemented. Having old seasons like Black Armory being runnable at any time is damn welcome as well.
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