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6/7/2019 10:51:24 PM

Exotic Heavy Bow Idea: Soulfire Reaper

• Exotic Solar Heavy Bow • Soulfire Release: Arrows create a blanket of Soulfire on impact that causes damage over time. • Soulfire Capture: Kills with this bow creates a soulfire orb that orbits the player. Stacks up to 3 times. • Soulfire Vengeance: Soulfire Orbs will automatically seek out enemies that damage you and cause a small explosion on impact. • Soulfire Wrath: Holding reload charges a shot with a Soulfire Orb for increased damage. Overcharging a shot will charge the arrow with all Soulfire Orbs • Hidden perk: overcharging has no penalties, and will automatically release faster than other bows • Note: some of these perks could be tied to a catalyst • Draw time: 700-900 • Ammo: 20-40? Even before Bungie showed off the heavy bow they were testing, I've been thinking of the idea, and now that we know the DLC will be Hive related, and Crota is returning as a Nightmare, i believe that the Soulfire theme will be perfect. Soulfire Release will allows the bow to be effective against Ads and bosses so it can compete with weapons like Thunderlord and Outbreak Perfected. Soulfire Capture plays into the soul Reaping theme, and has Versatility with the other perks. Soulfire Vengeance will work like a Taken Hobgoblin Retaliation Strike, but will only shoot one orb each time you are damaged, and to make it so isn't too hard to activate soulfire Wrath, it will have a cool-down of 1 seconds before Vengeance can be activated again. This combined with Release will allow the bow to deal with many ads. Soulfire Wrath will require you to play tactically, as being hit will Activate Soulfire Vengeance. Wrath also allows you to be more versatile, as you can use 1 Soulfire Orb to conserve, or all Orbs on something like a boss. I'm not going to talk too much about Pvp because i don't play Pvp often. For sure 1 shot head shot, probably 1 shot body, but burn damage could be used to finish as well. Release will be useful for zone control. Vengeance can be used to deter damaged enemies from attacking you. The amount and power of the perks combined makes it seem like this weapon will be overpowered, however the bow must be able to compensate for not only taking up the heavy slots, but also being an exotic, and being a bow and not choosing an option that has hitscan.

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