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6/6/2019 9:17:15 PM

Lore of Shadowkeep

[b]Well hello there guys! [/b] [b]I had some ideas about the coming lore with Shadowkeep.. Sooooo.. Here it is! Please give me your ideas in the comments![/b] So in the ViDoc they said that Eris released the nightmares on the moon. What do we know about Eris? She used an Ahamkara wish to survive the moon and payment? Payment always comes due. During Crota/Oryx fight, Eris made a wish. A wish that the guardian, our guardian, would fight against the enemies of the city and win. And this worked, but ahamkara are not to be taken as simple wish givers. They trick you. They tricked Eris in releasing another wish upon the world, upon the moon. The wish she made, where we, our guardians, would fight against the enemies of the city. And so we will, unendlessly. Forever and ever will we fight against the nightmares of Eris. Our nightmares. The only way to stop these nightmares? Well in the ViDoc it is basically easy to see that Eris is going mental, so I believe that we will have to kill Eris to stop the nightmares, making us break another ahamkara wish. This teaches us how we can break wishes, making it so that we can break the Taken-Curse on the dreaming city. [b]Well, that was basically it. Have a nice day![/b]

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