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Destiny 2

Общее обсуждение Destiny 2.
6/6/2019 7:59:19 PM

Give players what they want? Since when?

Just watched the 14 minute marketing scam. Sorry, but many of us have been betrayed too many times at this point to believe anything you say. I even barely want to play the game anymore. It's overwhelming, tedious, and there is nothing really to look forward to. The amount of time and energy you need to spend in order to accomplish anything is absurd. I get it is an RPG style game, but FPS players don't usually want to spend countless hours grinding for barely any progress. Leveling in the game being the biggest issue, form lack of cores, powerful gear not dropping high enough, or consistent enough. No, I don't want core bounties. That takes time away from my powerful bounties. This games time management is pretty much non existent. From the games inception, and unlike in Halo, or any other fps, no one spends the time to just enjoy the worlds they are playing in. No one takes in the artwork, and careful design. Everyone is in a mad rush because we WANT to max out, but the steps to do so take so damn long, you mind as well not have any artwork in the game, just wire frames, and people would not care and still play because to max out is all that matters. I really want to believe, as I have in the past, that you guys are listening to us. But you have not, and I doubt you are, and I suspect, unless you tell us point by point what you are fixing/not fixing that we want fixed, this next expansion is gonna be another flop by the time the Turkey is out of the oven in November. Leveling, and time management. These need to improve to the average players benefit. NOT the benefit of inflated hours played, streamers, or 16+hour no life gamers.

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