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6/5/2019 9:25:25 PM

Helpful features please

Hello! I'm Achromate (a problem similar to the Colorblind, but more rare, and i can't see colors, and so i have problems to recognize enemies). I already tested all the possibility, like colorblinds settings, but nothing, i can't recognize enemy. Why do you not want to add a pair of very simple features, that not takes some times and money, that could help the player like me? We paid for a service, but it seems you don't want to help us with oure money to play like each other :( (Obviusly not asking for spotting enemy, but to see enemies better to play such others, with something like, more highlight contrast on enemies, more contrast for they bar, and the possibility to make more contrast (it does not give enemy spot)!!!!) Best regards Thank you for consideration hoping that you will add something!

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