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Destiny 2

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6/5/2019 7:27:29 AM

First Comp match in Season Of "Opulence"

So, I thought: let's try and play this game again for a bit with the new season. From everything I read in the TWAB's I was less than hyped. Still nothing on the "discussion" about cores and a massive nerf list compared to useless buffs (good luck using swords with all this booping and ground stomping bosses). But I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt. So, downloaded the patch and started the game up to be greeted with an error code. Only solution: scan and repair the game with the BNET launcher. Okay then... Guess the patch installment went a bit wrong, first time that happened but is always possible. Hopped in some PvE with my PvP loadout to get some aiming practise in. I ignored the blatant filthy cash grab Eververse has become en just did the steps for the chalice and hopped into PvP Comp for the pinnacle. First game, 2 minutes in: BAMN, error code and back to desktop.. Yeah.... Dedicated servers might be a good idea at this point. Booted up Rage 2 in stead.. Had a blast playing it. No errors, no back to desktop, no nerfs, feeling powerful, no gated progression bullshit, no in your face cash grab (there is a store but only accesible from the main menu and not in your face like Eververse), ........ I'm sorry Bungie but Destiny 2 is a dumpster fire. Your community has given countless amount of good feeback and you just -blam!-ing ignore it and put time and effort in changing how the shader icons look in stead of actually focusing on the much needed QoL changes this game needs to deserve being called a triple A title.

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