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6/4/2019 1:48:09 AM

Orobas Vectura // PC // 18+ Clan // Weekly Completions // Endgame // Raids // Nightfall // Gambit // PvP & PvE // Looking for More Active Players!

~Orobas Vectura I , II & III We are looking for active players to join our ranks! Orobas Vectura is a collective group of PC gamers and guardians who have come together to defeat the minions of darkness and their evil overlords. We are here to build and support a growing community of dedicated guardians and heroes, from all over the galaxy, who are committed to sharing experiences together and those 'cant-believe-that-just-happened' moments with their fellow guardians and team members. We enjoy playing with gamers from many walks of life, and we only ask that you follow a few simple guidelines to join: -We are a 18+ clan, and we expect members to act appropriately. No salt please. -Be part of our Discord as this is a Mics Required clan -We strive to be an active clan and we expect our members to be active in Discord and in-game on Destiny 2 a minimum of once every 14 days (two weeks or two resets) -We purge the Discord and the in-game clan at least bi-monthly to keep the server active and fresh. -Be respectful and understanding of all members and their situations irl. We do not tolerate bullying, racism, sexism or bigotry of any kind. We are specifically a Sherpa clan, we love to take and teach new members the raids, nightfall, or help with Pvp. We have: -150+ active members -Dedicated Raid Sherpas and PvP Sherpas -Rally Hours, a time for clan members in game to hang out in voice chat -Members in NA, EU, and OCE regions If you're interested in joining us, please give this post an upvote, and click the Discord link below to get started. You can visit our clan page to apply by going to the welcomes page on our Discord.

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