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6/3/2019 6:54:10 PM

Voice chat broken (STILL! And still no help regarding it.)

I tried asking about this once before, and the post was completely ignored. Destiny 2 is the only game in my library of hundreds that seems unable to detect any of my microphones. I've tried everything in settings for and Destiny 2, as well as recording device settings. Microphone tests work everywhere including in the settings, but no matter what I try, in game it's as if I have nothing plugged in. No icon indicating voice is enabled, and have had people confirm that they cannot hear me when I speak, no matter what I do in any of the settings I can find. I can hear others, but am unable to communicate back unless I type, which is often times impossible to do in certain content without dying in the process. As you can imagine, this is a big issue when trying to coordinate with random people in matchmaking scenarios that I do not share a discord server with. It would be nice to actually get some kind of assistance or response on this issue.

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