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Shrouded Gaming [PC-PS4-XB1] [NA/EU] |OPULENCE!! | Day 1 Raid Teams | Community Competitions & Events | Sherpas | Casual/Hardcore Clans |

[b]Welcome to the Shrouded Gaming Community![/b] Here at [b]Shrouded Gaming[/b] we aspire to be more then just a clan, we are a close knit community, a place where all are welcome, a place to find mature, helpful gamers much like ourselves. We are a very expansive and continuously growing community and are always looking to expand upon that. We carry a simple mindset, Quality over quantity. We strive to give warm welcomes and to ensure there is always help available, no matter what game we may be playing. [b][i]Our goal?[/i][/b] To be a pillar of the Destiny community by creating a prosperous and healthy community for all our members. Our core fundamentals are built upon Respect, Humbleness, Maturity, Quality players and Just plain out being helpful. Currently we are a extensive community of gamers all across the world so you can ensure someone is always online to play with. We have 28 clans on Destiny 2 alone spanning across all three major platforms, PC - Xbox One - PS4. With Destiny 2 being such an expansive and rapidly changing game we understand some players need help from time to time or are merely looking for a more experienced player to play with. We strive on building our members up and giving them the tools and knowledge to succeed on their own. We have multiple [b]sherpa's[/b] for each platform to help guide you through any situation you may need help with as well as a multitude of admins to assist you in any sort of endeavor. [i]We stay active![/i] The SGC has [b]Weekly Inactivity Purges[/b] - In order to ensure activity we thoroughly go through each of our clans and warn members they will be removed if they have been inactive for 10 days or more. Inactivity constitutes as activity in-game as well as discord activity. We understand life comes first and you may not always be able to play. If this is the case, just give your admin a courtesy heads up, simple as that! We welcome the public to join us as we play, you do not necessarily have to be a member to play with us! As long as you are a respectful gamer you are more then welcome to utilize our discord for LFG or to meet new like-minded gamers. [b]Dedicated servers[/b] for popular games and are always trying to give something back to the community! As well as launching new services and competitions even monthly giveaways ranging from Shrouded Gaming apparel, Cosmetic in-game items all the way to Full Game + DLC. Each month there are activities going on including in-house competitive events, Guided & Teaching Raids as well as community live-streams! [url=]Check Out our Event Calendar Here![/url] [b][u]To join simply[/u]:[/b] 1) Upvote this post 1b) Leave a joke in the comments 2) Pick and Apply to One of the Clans Below! [i](If one is full, try another!)[/i] 2) Join the Discord [b][i](Mandatory)[/i][/b]: [url][/url] 3) Follow the instructions in the pinned message in #clan-approval-waitlist. Team Website | [url=]Shrouded Gaming[/url] Team Discord | [url=]Shrouded Gaming Discord[/url] If you are unfamiliar with discord, here is a video guiding you) [url=]Discord Tutorial (PC)[/url] [url=]Discord Tutorial (Mobile)[/url] [b]PC Divisions[/b] [i]NA[/i] Division [url=]Shrouded Reaper[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Squeakers[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Militia[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Curry[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded VII[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Mercenaries[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Alliance[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Wraiths[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Knights[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Destiny[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Vanguard[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Guardians[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Souls[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Skies[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded IX[/url] CLOSED [i]EU[/i] Division [url=]Shrouded Aces[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Legion[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Outlaws[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Dredgens[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Hunters[/url] CLOSED [url=]Shrouded Legends[/url] CLOSED [url=]Shrouded Assassins[/url] CLOSED [b]PS4 Division[/b] [url=]Shrouded Devils[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Instinct[/url] CLOSED [url=]Shrouded Saber[/url] CLOSED [url=]Shrouded Elite[/url] CLOSED [b]XBOX Division[/b] [url=]Shrouded Gunners[/url] OPEN [url=]Shrouded Dominion[/url] CLOSED [url=]Shrouded Onyx[/url] CLOSED To apply to any of our other games, simply join the discord and look for the appropriate admin listed in the *Pinned Messages* Thanks for reading and Welcome to the Shrouded Gaming Community!

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