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5/31/2019 11:58:12 AM

75 Runs...25 Weeks...Still No Anarchy Exotic

I’ve made a handful of posts about this before, but I’ll keep this one short and simple. Yesterday, I completed my 75th run of Scourge of the Past with loot, having done it on 3 characters each week for the past 25 weeks. Anarchy still hasn’t dropped. I’m beyond disbelief at this point. 1KV was rough enough, and that only took 6 weeks. This is another level though. My first 3 completions came during the second week that the raid was out, and I’ve managed to go through 2 entire seasons and reach the next raids release date without the exotic. It just really sucks. I’m not even excited for Crown of Sorrow now, because the game just doesn’t reward me and its gonna be a painful chore. Whats worse—Bungie doesn’t even say anything about this. I’m really disappointed in Destiny right now.

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