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5/31/2019 11:14:01 PM

Slow look speed one way and not the other (PS4)

As of recent i have been getting an odd occurrence with turning and aiming in Destiny 2, I play on a high sensitivity (Around 7) and have never had any problems until now, when i try to turn my character whilst sprinting i can turn significantly faster Left than i can right, the same thing happens when rotating the camera, looking left is at normal speed where turning right is again significantly slower as if it is stuck on 1 sensitivity, it could also be described as if i am randomly getting strong aim assist every now and again when there is nothing there. It is worth mentioning as im sure it will be the default response, No its not my controller, it is practically new and i have no problems at all on any other game. Any thoughts on a fix or at least some recognition that this is a known issue. Thanks.

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