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5/26/2019 1:16:42 PM

Comments on a toxic community; raids.

My experience trying to find a team to do the Spire of Stars raids before penumbra comes out has given me an interesting look into how toxic the majority of lfg is, or just the community in general. For roughly a week or so I’ve been posting trying to get people together for the raid. First there’s the issue of just finding ppl in general, no ones willing to help out it seems. Apperantly if you’ve not done spire yet or have 10+ comepletions, you’re trash and they won’t “waste their time” on you. I ask how I’m supposed to get TEN completions if no ones willing to assist in getting ONE. It’s not like you can one man these things so you NEED a min of 4 ppl, and that’s if you can find 4 people who you can get on the same page with. The amount of times we’re waiting for ONE person and as soon as we find that one, another leaves, causing this shitty cycle. Raids should have a lock in mechanic or something. None of this, I’ve an hr so ima do a raid, oh wait we only got past one encounter, I gotta leave sorry guys. Then the team falls apart. I don’t mind teaching people, I get a little snippy if people don’t grasp simple things, but I can teach. Yet 99% of the community has the mentallity of, once you figure out said mechaics you act like you’ve known em from birth and call everyone else who doesn’t play destiny 24/7 trash. The -blam!- is the point in that? I’ve not been able to do spire of stars or scourge of the past because of these issues. It sucks. I’d really like to play this content, yet I am unable too becase of this high horse ego ppl seem to have. I get some people just suck in general, but what’s the harm in teaching someone if they want to learn, if they’re asking to learn? The amount of times I hear people just flip the -blam!- out because someone, who they said they were fine teaching, messes up on say shiro is too common. If I had a group of friends who played destiny, or friends in general I suppose it wouldn’t be a problem, but I don’t, so I need to rely on lfg to get all my raids done. Fun times. It sucks because im prob going to have to get on ebay, risk buying one of those raid team carries even though I don’t want a carry, just to learn so I can teach others. But if I have to spend 25 for normal and prestige, I’ll do it cause I want to learn and get it done. But it’s really sad I would need to do so. We can all come together to rage at Bungie for nerfing the -blam!- outta the guns we love, why cant we all come together and help ppl out and not call em trash for not being able to get 10+ clears in 10sec.

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