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THE KRAKEN - Exotic Concept

Kraken - exotic sidearm built to work with void subclasses same archetype as the Travelers Chosen (damaged) but longer range and less recoil. tethers enemies hit by it, they will therefore share damage like void bow.(max 3 enemies) Also counts towards Orpheus Rig ,Doom Fang Pauldron and Skull of DIre Ahamkara energy but at 3/4 drop off. (Post Nerf ) Exotic Perk-Feed the Deep: Tether enemies on hit (max 3 enemies). Tethers count toward super energy generated by Orpheus Rig , Doom Fang Pauldron and Skull of Dire Ahamkara. Barrel Perk : Arrowhead Break "Lightly vented barrel. • Greatly controls recoil • Increases handling speed" Magazine Perk: Tactical Mag "This weapon has multiple tactical improvements. -Slightly increases stability - Increases reload speed - Slightly increases magazine size" Intrinsic Perk: Arms Reach - tethered enemies share damage.Defeating a tethered enemy will restore ammunition back into the clip form reserves. Slot & element: Void weapon in energy slot. Range: 79 Stability: 84 Reload Speed and clip size: 45 and clip size of 14 shots Aim assistance : 78 Recoil: 84 Description of weapon: "Those who defy you will feel your wrath" -Lord Shaxx to you, as you venture unto the void. This weapon is a new exotic quest from Lord Shaxx, it involves : A stalkers partner (step one): Description: Shaxx speaks of a new concept, a weapon that can rapidly charge Void Supers.He first requires you to show that you know how to walk the void. Task: perform 150 Void Kills A stalkers partner (step two): Description: Shaxx is very impressed by your talent, and asks if you know the Drifter. He wants you to defeat 100 enemies in Gambit with sidearms. Task: Perform 100 sidearm kills in Gambit A stalkers partner (step three): He hands you a prototype ( see "pistol prototype 15A" below) Reach rank "Legend" in Valor A stalkers reward (final step): 'You have exceeded my expectations, take this!" Return to Lord Shaxx to receive your reward. PISTOL PROTOTYPE 10A: Exact same stats as the Kraken but has no exotic perk or the perk "Arms Reach". Instead it has the perks dragonfly and kill clip. Description: A crucible styled sidearm frame, powerful but lacks the light. Thanks for reading everyone , please tell me what you think about this concept below.

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