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5/28/2019 3:04:53 AM
Statistically speaking, 5% at most of destiny's community raids. I've said it since D2 launched that you deal with elitist bullshit, stats [i][b]prove[/b] it.[/i] It's hilariously ironic too, hearing those same people argue [i]against[/i] [b]optional[/b] matchmaking for raids. Their arguments are that no one will ever get a raid done, blah blah blah. Truth is, they don't want what little power they get, [i]taken away.[/i] You can waste hours [i]trying[/i] to find a team to spend [i][b]more[/b][/i] hours failing the raid, the [b][i]exact[/i][/b] same way you [i]"supposedly"[/i] would with MM. Plus, when you make the argument, "[i]how[/i] would [b][i]optional[/i][/b] MM effect how [i]you[/i] play?", you get hit with either straight bullshit excuses, or those [i]"lfg defenders"[/i] outright dodge the question.

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