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впервые опубликовано в: Please be patient with guardians with anxiety during raids
5/27/2019 7:49:20 PM
The worst parts of being an anxiety sufferer in this game are: 1. Building up the nerve to get in a group. You can be hyped all day for it, but when the time comes you struggle with requesting to join. 2. The 1st encounter. You don't know these people. You're worried that you'll be the first to screw up and get chastised or yelled at like a child. you're worried you aren't good enough, even if you know for a fact you are. This causes real physical distress. Hands shaking, panic, sweating. This usually dissipates after ablut 10 minutes of your lucky enough to be with people who aren't assholes. So please, don't be assholes. That simple. Then we calm down and are "normal". I am a mental health professional and anxiety sufferer. It sucks. It's very real. Nobody is asking you to carry us. Just give us a god damned minute to settle ourselves.

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