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впервые опубликовано в: Please be patient with guardians with anxiety during raids
5/27/2019 6:35:56 PM
This is why I dont agree with this statement. 1. The thing with anxiety is that 9/10 is self-diagnosed, in other words complete bullshit. 2. They are ungrateful. They come in stating they have no mic, which is fine by me, but once the raid is completed they leave without saying anything. Anxiety or not, it isnt that hard to simply say thank you after I spend 6 hours carrying you. 3. They hold other players back. Whenever one player struggles a lot, others will get bored and leave, this happens a lot. Everyone can tell you that it is very hard to find a noob team through Lfg. If shit like this happens all the time it can take up to two hours of raiding time (or having a life). 4. They dont ever tell when they got anxiety, because of anxiety🤗 how can I then know they have it? All I see is an idiot not knowing what to do after being told at least 4 times exactly what they have to do. Disclaimer: Im not saying this applies to everyone. I think that 90% of the players I help out is a pleasant experience for both parties. This also doesnt apply only to players with anxiety.

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