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What's actually to look forward to with this next part of the Annual Pass?

All jokes aside people even though that is not going to happen. I just want to see what some of you think about it by looking at the overall of what has happened since Forsaken released. The state of the game at this point is why I'm not playing the game at this moment. This doesn't mean I won't at some point nor does it mean I quit for good, "Hate the entire game" nor does it mean I "hate Bungie" now that that is out of the way. So whether I play or not has nothing to do with the state of the game that anyone can see at this point. I'm having a hard time understanding why Bungie is not improving these things to make the game a better experience for the player base. [b]These are my concerns, yes some of it is just my opinion.[/b] [spoiler]Factions have been removed leaving less loot to acquire for a year now Trials were removed and they could have added it back to D1. By removing it, all of that poured into everything else in D2 PvP The vendors in this game are not being properly updated nor being used as their intended purpose IMO 90% of the gear in this game is not appealing, it doesn't give that incentive to want to acquire Duplicates in this game are in just about everything in the game and way overdone The RNG in this entire game is way overdone The exotics in this game are being watered down to make certain content a challenge Only a weapon here or there or, a gear piece here or there is not improving the loot system Cores are not a useful material like Motes of light, yet are being treated like Motes of light No new PvP maps that it's only 4v4 maps that are the root of a lot of PvP issues Strikes are not being updated Things are still being based around Gambit and Tess with the exception of the new raid Matchmaking is an issue in this entire game The economy is broken The loot system is on the verge of being broken The game has too many limits when it comes to customizing your character vs D1[/spoiler] This is only a few things that are my concern with how things head from here on out. Yes, it's negative, but you all know what's positive about the game like, the skybox, the events added to the game even though some of it IMO shouldn't have been a PvP/PvE game mode. The gunplay on how it feels in Destiny, using supers even though that's a war on this forum, lol. Among other things, but those positive things are not an issue as of right now. So again, knowing what should be a concern about this game. What's to look forward with this next part of the Annual Pass? Edit: [b]This is a sincere thank you to everyone that made a reply to this post for keeping it civil.[/b] IMO as of right now, Bungie should be listening to the player base and learn from D1 on what worked for the game and D2. Take what they have learned that (worked) and apply it to D3. Create a foundation and build from there and keep moving forward with ideas to actually improve things as the things I listed in the above spoiler. If there is one suggesting that is really important to me that I could get across to Bungie and the investment team. It would be when taking feedback to improve things like making content meaningful as we requested about the exotics from the base game? [spoiler] Please do not go to the extream one way or the other. Handing exotics out like candy was not a good thing at all, but to go the opposite direction of what was actually requested wasn't a good thing either. IMO D1 RNG was in a good place with ROI, yes it could have been tweaked to (slightly) decrease the drop rates to make it more meaningful when acquiring certain items, meaning not so easy to acquire. Learn to come up with a happy medium or at least try. The reason I say this is, not only the RNG but other things in the game needs to be taken into consideration when making adjustments one way or the other.[/spoiler]

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