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Изменено (IceApfel): 5/28/2019 4:45:08 PM

Crown of Sorrow [should] not be a Hive raid

There’s a lot of talk about this upcoming raid and a lot of people seem to think that we will be fighting Hive in it. Let me convince you why that won’t be the case: _________________________________________________________ The only piece of evidence people bring up is that the word “Sorrow” is deeply connected with the Hive. That’s it. Let’s debunk this: 1. While Sorrow is almost exclusively mentioned in context with the Hive, that does not mean it’s exclusive to them. It’s still a normal English word. 2. It’s obviously a Cabal/Calus expansion, so why have a Hive raid? Before you tell me that EoW and SoS also didn’t have a connection to their respective DLCs, let me remind you that there were no enemies to have raids against in these DLCs. Panoptes, Nokris and Xol were all killed during their campaigns. Calus story however was still going on. The only other ongoing story we currently have is that of Savathûn and the Dreaming City (see 3.). 3. Who should be in such a raid? Savathûn has received to much buildup to be killed in a small raid in a expansion about Cabal. She will come, but now is not the time, not yet. Xivu Arath on the contrary has almost no buildup or presence in the current story, so she doesn’t deserve a raid yet. Based on the names of some Dreaming City enemies, it seems like she’s currently working with Savathûn. 4. This will be some unconventional evidence, but take a look at this: Books of Sorrow Crown of Sorrow These are the English names. Both contain the word “sorrow”. Please remember that sorrow can have multiple meanings. Now look at this, the german names: Krone des Leids Bücher der Trauer These are the official german names of the Books of Sorrow and Crown of Sorrow, obviously using different translations for the word “Sorrow”. As a german myself, I can confirm that “Leid” and “Trauer” refer to different things. Leid = agony, pain Trauer = grief, mourning So, according to german translations, alternative English names could be: Crown of Agony Books of Grief All this to say that sorrow can be referring to multiple concepts and meanings. [b][u]Edit:[/u][/b] I will add this [b]one[/b] possibility for Hive involvement: An attack by Hive forces on the Leviathan. While this may be extremely unlikely, it’s not impossible. I say it’s unlikely because there’s no reason for such an attack to take place. Most the Hive forces in the solar system are under the control of Savathûn. She and Xivu Arath are still focused on the Dreaming City. Calus hasn’t shown aggression against the Hive. There’s no current reason for this to happen. [b][u]Edit 2:[/u][/b] So the trailer for SoO just came out. A few things to note: -what looks to be the ascendant plane -Hive-esque growth or bones on the floor when they teased the raid I have to admit, that gives more credibility to Hive involvement. I still believe that, for now, there’s [b]no good lore reason[/b] for Hive involvement in the raid. Should they be able to explain it with new lore, then that‘s ok. At the time I made this post, I’m certain that it was/is an unlikely case. I will however edit the title of this post to accommodate for the new gameplay evidence. Previous title was: “Crown of Sorrow will not be a Hive raid”. _________________________________________________________ And just a tip in general: If you’re going to make a claim or theory, try to compile as much evidence as possible. The more evidence, the more reliable it becomes. Just one word isn’t enough. I hope that I could give an alternative perspective to those that strongly believe in a Hive raid.
#lore #destiny2

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