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Destiny 2

Общее обсуждение Destiny 2.
5/26/2019 6:57:25 AM

Funny how everyone forgot about NetEase...

Remember almost a year ago when NetEase gave Bungie $100 million to develop “non destiny IP’s”? I do... And now thinking about how trash the Annual pass content has been. How there have been 0 strikes added, 0 crucible maps added, 0 worthwhile content... I’m starting to think not only is Destiny too big for Bungie to handle alone, now that they’ve split from Activision.... but one has to wonder... is all of the manpower and money that would have gone into making Destiny a better franchise as a whole, being dumped into crap that’s hurting Destiny in the long run? I haven’t seen any major hiring spurts at Bungie. I haven’t heard of them partnering or merging with any other studios. Things have been frozen since the NetEase deal/Activision split. So if you math that out... Bungie lost not only their publisher, and several of that publishers in house studios to help build Destiny content, but also took $100 million from another company to build them non Destiny IP’s. That’s a net loss of epic proportions on the development front. As well as a huge development burden for a company that was once 4 studios strong with a publisher... that now has to develop everything completely ALONE and self publish... I hate to see Destiny in such shambles. I can’t even be bothered to boot the damn game up any more. It’s so boring. I just don’t see this game headed in a direction that doesn’t see Destiny sold off to some other company that cares more than Bungie. At this point, it’s really hard to see any sort of give a shit on Bungie’s end. At least not from where I’m sitting.

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