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Изменено (MrPotato): 5/27/2019 6:13:42 AM

My dissapointment with the destiny community

Hey there guys, first of all, I hope you have a wonderful week. I am looking forward to hearing your honest opinion regarding this subject. To begin, allow me to introduce my self. I have been a unity game developer for the past 4 years and an avid destiny 1&2 player since their respective releases. I'm writing this post today since I wanted to share my (probably unpopular) opinion, and to hear from the rest of the voices in the community. I'll say it bluntly......I'm disappointed with the community, the same community that's been one of the most amazing things in my life since d1 came out. The fact that people will vilify Destiny devs weeks before penumbra drops is honestly so disheartening and that's due to several reasons. I'm a dev, and personally know the pain and pressure in creating content, and I know the true disappointment when your community hates your newly released and fresh content. I have worked in the past in the companies that released content that was received.. was not a pleasant experience, to say the least. Our community is amazing, I love it and its ability to collectively solve puzzles, riddles, mechanics, and raids makes it one of the best out there in my opinion. The irony is that the community is so good at communicating effective techniques, tactics, and working together to solve complex problems, that after we achieve results of a successful raid, encounter or puzzle that we suddenly complain about the lack of content. Just for context, (forgive me for not recalling where the source is) the newly found and very loved Zero Hour mission took a 45 man team 7 months to finish. the same mission that our community figured out in less than 2 days (I'm excluding the configurations which were implemented). I'm sure most of you know this but just in case, Bungie has no motive nor profit in making bad expansions, every single worker (and I can confirm personally since 2 friends of mine work there) there is an avid destiny lover which honestly wants to make good and fun content for us to grind and enjoy doing. let's walk on the trail of expansions since forsaken(including). - Forsaken was amazing, honestly, imo it is probably the best thing that happened to d2 ever since its release. It fixed [i]wayyy[/i] too many bugs and annoyances that were present and cleaned the road to a new year of content. - Black armory was a double-edged blade for me, I really enjoyed the actual forge activity and farming the frames but the tiresome grind to unlock the forges (I swear if I find the one who said they need to amp up the grind for Izanami..) was really a big downer. Izanagi's Burden is a more solid exotic then I expected especially now since whisper is getting clapped back to the vault I want to believe it will shine slightly more in the pve meta. The quest felt fulfilling enough to grind it all and I enjoyed its length that really contributed to that feeling of "hell yeah that's an honest exotic mythic weapon I'm seeking" and not just a random drop out of nowhere. - Jokers Wild, probably my current favorite out of the 2 releases. I'll summarise it in one sentence "Oh god thorn, no wait ahhh im dead by last hand SOMEONE NERF SOUL DEVOURER". "Chasm of screams" was by far the finest strike I've done in d2, and was the first time I actually had to clench my butt in a strike due to the constant fear of those [i]lovely[/i] thralls. Gambit prime is by far a better, faster, more fun version of gambit and does bring out the rush in the hunt and the true fear from someone with god roll hammerhead invading you. Reconning has also been really fun even though I wonder now how in gods name are we gonna finish tier III without tether but we will have to see how substantial the nerfs are when opulence drops. - Penumbra, probably the thing that caused me to write this post, is by far the most [b]hated [i]non released[/i][/b] expansion I have ever seen. the fact that people just automatically presuming this will be a bad expansion is one of the most disheartening things that a developer can see and it truly does "take out its winds from his sails". Bungu has been building the story up in such a fantastic manner with hints and teases that just makes you go insane (especially to lore nerds like myself) and I honestly have high hopes for penumbra, the raid, the new 6 man activity and the rising darkness (and plz plz plz bungu dark guardians). I ask you guys as a fellow guardian and a fellow developer, have faith in Bungie, they are all amazing people creating stunning stories and a truly fun game and now that they are standing alone and strong I want to believe that the way forward for year 3 and d3 will be a GLORIUS one. thanks a lot for reading and I am waiting to hear your opinions. ps, do forgive me for probably bad grammar and writing since I am not an English native speaker TL;DR: My own personal rant regarding the state of the community disbelieving in Bungie and my attempts to sway that EDIT: this may have not been clear but I AM NOT a Bungie developer, I am a game developer non the less but I am not employed or contracted by Bungie in any way

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