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Tales of a Gunslinger Pt. 26

[i]For those just tuning in the link to part one is above. Thanks to Oddish, Venom Sprinter, and AltroGamingBros for writing with me. Disclaimer I don' own any Bungie stuff. Now let's begin![/i] Malex sat against the wall of the stage set. He looked at his watch and sighed. At the end of the week. The day after the kinderguardians do their show, Malex was to return to the war. Oddish, the kinderguardian teacher and Malex's friend, walked up to him and handed him a cup of coffee. Oddish: Sorry about the costume you have to wear. But it is a sight to behold. Malex: (chuckles) Shut up dude. Oddish: (laughs) Yeah yeah whatever. So how's the war going? Malex: Not good. The plan was to break through the shadow's line and split their forces in half. But we underestimated their numbers. When the war started it was 500 of us against 3,000 of them. Saladin called up the reserves and recruited some more iron lords and we got up to a thousand. We killed 1,500 of them, but our numbers are back to 500. Oddish: 2,000 guardians killed! That's, that's unheard of. Malex: (sighs) With this war came new weapons specifically designed to kill ghosts. A lot of it doesn't work though. But some reports say that the shadows are trying to get a hold of SIVA Oddish: Dear lord! Malex: Yeah, I know Petra ran up two the two guardians Petra: Dad? Lillie is stuck in her costume Oddish: (looks at Malex) Malex: Don't look at me man you're the teacher. Have fun Oddish mumbled some choice words and got up to help his students. Up on the rafters, to shadow spies looked down at the class. Shadow 1: Is that the Sargent? Shadow 2: Yep, Sargent Malex of the Rangers. He leads the Iron Lord's best hunters. Shadow 1: Get the team together. We take him in the morning. [i]The Next Morning[/i] Malex walked into the kinderguardian class. The students were just settling in. ???: Malex! Is that you? Malex turned around as little Lillie jumped into him. He hugged her and looked up to see her older sister May. He had rescued them both a few years back. Malex hugged her as well Malex: Man it's been so long! How're things in the hanger? May: Just great! Holiday sure has us busy. I heard you got yourself a girl? Malex: I did but, that ended May: What!? Malex: I went off to war and she dear Johned me May: Oh no... (thinks) Yes he's free! Malex: Yeah, Rika said she "needed to go on her own and not be tied down" whatever that means May: Man, broke up with you with a letter? That's terrible Malex: Yeah, I know Oddish: Alright class! Time to head down to the set! (turns to May) If you'd like you can come visit for the day May: (without taking her eyes off of Malex) I'd like that The group walks down to the set. As soon as they enter a team of eight shadows drop down from the rafters. Three of them grab a kinder, three of them pin the grown guardians to the ground, and another grabs May. Shadow Leader: You're a hard man to find Sargent Malex. Too bad your Rangers aren't here to back you up. Now, you're going to tell me everything you know about the Iron Lord troop positions (puts a knife to Lillie's throat) Or I kill the little girl Malex: I swear if you touch her Shadow Leader: Or what? (takes The Last Word from his holster) I have your gun, your friends, and you. Malex: You won't get anything out of me Shadow Leader: Oh I won't huh? (knocks him to the ground) Try me He has his team line up all the Kinders, teachers, and May in front of Malex. He puts a Thorn to the back of Oddish's head. Shadow: Talk, now! Oddish: Don't do it man! Shadow: I'll kill him! I swear I'll kill him right now! Malex: No, you wont Shadow: Oh I won't huh? And how, do tell, do you know that? Malex: I got one word for you Shadow: And that is? Malex: Remington As he said that he used a hidden blade to cut his ropes and he drew his 1875 Remington revolver. He fanned off five shots, black powder smoke filled the air and five shadows fell to the ground. Malex picked up his Last Word and killed the last three shadows. Just to make sure they were dead he ignited his Golden Gun and incinerated them. He cut his friends free. May immediately hugged him. May: Thank you so much! I thought we were all going to die! Malex: Hey it's okay. I got you. May: Now how many times am I going to be saved by you? Oddish looked at the two of them. Oddish: Are you two love birds done? Malex and May: What? Lovebirds? Us? Oddish: Relax I'm kidding Malex: (looks around at the piles of ash and sighs) This damn war. Oddish: (places a hand on his shoulder) Hey, don't worry about it. This is your R&R, relax and enjoy the play. Malex: (chuckles) I would if I didn't have to be in it Oddish: (laughs) Well there's no way out of that! Come on let's have some fun. The class continues to rehearse for the play as a sweeper bot sweeps up the ash piles. [i]Back on the front lines in Virginia, Shadow HQ[/i] Shadow: Ma'am, our team has been eliminated. They failed to acquire any Intel. Malex killed them General Tenebris stood up and slammed her fist on the desk Tenebris: I want that Gunslinger dead. [i]To Be Continued...[/i] Part 27:

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