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5/27/2019 4:55:29 AM
Like Ada? Meaning cool looking robot with sexy voice? Driftette anyone? :D Ok, I watched too many memes, probably. On a serious side, totally agree. As much as I like Gambit (and I really do, otherwise I wouldn't play like 650+ matches), getting some guns is just... next to impossible. Or plain impossible: 24 half-banked in Prime, Collector's triumph - and all I got was this lousy t-shirt? Err, discount code for it, I mean. Literally ZERO Spare Rations, curated or random. If I had one, I'd still be playing, because I love 150 archetype, but given how shitty drop rate for Waking vigil, all guns that I have are Y1, and since I don't raid, I don't have Midnight Coup (or whatever). Way to go, bungee - great job keeping players in game! Am I right, am I right, or am I right? I'm right. Back to Gambit. I did 7 Infamy resets, but I got only 7 Hazard of the Cast. I love that gun (I really do), but how the fuk I'm supposed to farm for a better roll, if it just doesn't fokking drop frequently enough? For crying out loud, I got far more Bygones, but only 1 is relatively fitting "eh, it'll do" category. Other are just, well, "are". Or, better, Trust - my second most rewarded gun ever, but only 1 of those has a roll I could consider a demigod. Every other is just for smelting. Given how rare these items do drop (especially Prime ones, outside of curated SMG for me, which I have like 15), farming them is just not worthy of our time. Gear I got the most? Armour. Enough to equip hockey teams. Guns-wise - Bad Omens. In fact I got 7 nearly identical (close to curated roll). So yeah, I got so many of those I could use them to write "go plough yourself". I find it amusing I got so many guns with this name - game hinting we shouldn't expect anything good?:D Outside of Gambit my biggest gripes are Nightshades, which I have only 3 for 250+ rank ups, or Halfdan, which I have only 2 for 700 hours and more than 10000 gunsmithing parts dumped (I separated them because I got one from Banshee and another from world drop). So bungee should stop chewing glue and use Black Armoury to allow us to forge other archetypes of weapons (say, Molten Tulip 150 RPM revolver, or Singing Hammer 600 RPM auto rifle), and implement bounty-like structure in other activities. Otherwise, many people simply will miss vast majority of new guns, given that currently Prime/Reckoning aren't that popular (I literally see same people playing). It's like living in small village, where everyone knows everyone. Or it was bungee's intent all along - to not allow players use new stuff, because bungee is secretly a loot-ninja-hoarding-dragon?:D

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