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Destiny 2

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Изменено (HK_Mark23_Osprey): 5/28/2019 3:02:03 AM

How much your annual pass is worth so far

Exceeded expectation, I would have paid $125 if Bungie wanted.


Total scam, I wish that I had not bought it.


It meets expectations, I will do it again.


I wish that I could pay by seasons I like, installment plan would be better.


Annual pass should have semi-annual based trial period that I can get half refund if I decide to cancel before 6 months.


“Annual pass” is the new term for fraud.


I will only buy annual pass if all contents will be available whenever I want to play.


Personally, what I paid is worth about 1/3 of what I expected before it came out. Rephrase what I tried to say earlier. If not for so many little shitty stuff they put in there wasting my time in the name of having impactful feeling and more importantly should have continued from D1 so that I could have choices of using the gears I worked for and enjoyed very much, I would have gladly paid more for it.

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