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Изменено (RainingSlayer): 5/28/2019 3:19:29 AM

So I guess discussion is over on “enhancement cores”

Some very one sided discussion, yet to no resolve. The post was taken down and never really addressed, but hey we have a new t-shirt and eververse changes inbound. Bungie, we really need the transparency that we saw a while ago from you, we need more than just a few comments on the forums that end up racking up 2000+ replies. Big thing is how you do with season of opulence, is fuel for if people decide to get the September content. Edit: sheep are out in force. Many of you say it’s fine, quit complaining, but when you look at the fact that the pinned posts had thousands of replies, strongly against the system let me ask you this.... do you masterwork your gear for the most part? You have hundreds of cores? You’re part of a small group that does. If it was a problem (which it is), you wouldn’t be seeing the outpouring of disagreement with the system. Fact is discussion never took place. We now are playing how they want us to play. It’s an artificial way to increase play time, nerfs make content harder, and this is now the Bungie controlled world where we have no say and these are the way things are. People will either like it, or hate it with the changes but one thing to keep in mind, an alienated player base will be less likely to purchase another expansion. If it feels like more of a chore to play and enjoy a game, people will look elsewhere. Streamers have shown their disdain for the system, their lack of interest for changes, and lack of pvp endgame. With them being the bread and butter for keeping destiny on the map for so long, wouldn’t it be important to keep everyone happy? My two cents, thank you for coming to my ted talk.

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