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Destiny 2

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Изменено (gastroprobz): 5/30/2019 11:26:37 AM

If this is a loot game it needs to be more generous at the end game not less

The major flaw in the loot system in this game compared to something like Diablo is that, in Diablo, the higher you go, the more loot you get, the easier it becomes to explore and craft high level alternate builds. In this game it's almost a punishment to change to a different build because mod components do not come cheap, nor do enhancement cores, and no amount of stock bounties is going to help. It's absurd that getting cores means, for some players, just doing lost sectors constantly. Everything in Destiny at the high end has a high cost and you're simply not allowed to be rich in this game, not even with Glimmer. This is so basic compared to other loot games where the higher you go, the more drops and therefore the more resources to quickly make alternate builds and experiment. Spending a mod seems costly, masterworking anything seems costly, getting new weapons from Reckoning is a massive time investment for mostly poor chances and therefore poor rewards. The economy in this game is hurtful to the casual and the mid-core and the endgame player. If a casual player makes it to the end game and spends time there every once in a while, I don't understand how they would find anything in this game rewarding and worthwhile, and it's absurdly unclear in game what rewards are worth going for. I'm thankful Bungie at least said something about powerful rewards from Drifter being decent but capped because we just had to guess beforehand. But it's still low upside to doing anything in the game other than the new content whether one likes it or not. This greatly constrains choice in deciding what to do. There's numbers and then there is intuition and this game FEELS like it's only making economy decisions based on the numbers, meanwhile it does it's best to not give the player nearly enough of the numbers they want to see (what is the use of bars on weapon stats? Let us see the numbers, too, and what the stats effect of those perk choices are. I don't get why it's bad for people to know certain perks are definitively better, this is a loot game with random rolls, after all. If someone makes a choice other than best in slot, kudos to them). This is the sort of thing that makes the player base feel burnt out. And then Bungie has to lean on constantly mete out new content in order to get interest back, which is not a bad thing, but when it's the only thing and doesn't land, that is a bad thing. New raids are great and all but what is someone supposed to play when they do come back if they generally don't raid? What are they playing for, more Scatterhorn gear? What about earning stacks and stacks of mods to mess around with builds for pvp, or more guaranteed weapon drops from Reckoning, or just earning armor pieces for Gambit Prime FROM Gambit Prime? Once you hit max power in this game, you should be earning cores and mods or mod components at a higher rate so you have something to do after hitting 700 other than claim a random triumph. Titles are great, triumphs are great, but not everyone cares for them. Some people are explorers and want to find ways to mess around. Hitting max power means for some players that that's its, you're done. While that is okay, it doesn't really encourage a player base to be healthy.

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