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Изменено (wes0103): 5/27/2019 8:42:37 PM

Upvote to make the Drifter be like Ada-1.

Ada-1 is the best vendor in my opinion because she offers the ability to control what players farm for and how. If a player wants a Blast Furnace, they can farm from it without the fear of getting 20 Hammerheads first. This is not the same for any other vendor. If you want to farm for a Doomsday, your only option is to get lucky. There is no control or method of targeting what you want. This can be incredibly frustrating when you play for hours and hours and don't even get what you're farming for. Making the Drifter add farmable bounties like Ada would add a tremendous of replayability to Gambit and Prime. The same could be said for all other vendors. Edit: Thank you to those who are taking part in the conversation and upvoting. Keep it up! Also, the key point of this post is to give the player some power in what they grind for. In this case it is specifically for the Drifter, thus allowing the player to choose which weapon to target from both Gambit and Gambit Prime. This could be anything from a Parcel of Stardust to a Spare Rations. However, this idea could also help other vendors as well. The token system doesn't allow players to target what they want. In fact, it reinforces the overwhelming amount of RNG already present in the game. I'd like to see all vendors more similar to Ada.

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