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впервые опубликовано в: There really truly needs bad luck protection in this game
Изменено (FelixMTLau): 5/26/2019 8:40:38 PM
It's pretty easy. Bungie could just keep the RNG unchanged for the raid end loot. Just make the 1k / anarachy available for purchase at Petra / Ada1 with an unlock condition of 50 clears of LW / SOTP. JUST LIKE WHAT Benedict 99-40 IS ALREADY DOING NOW. I don't mind even Bungie set a limitation on the clear count increment, say +3 at most per week, so as to prevent anyone from completing grinding within a short period. They could also let Petra / Ada1 say something like "You've proven you're worthy" when you unlock it after 50 raid clears without the exotic dropped, make it sounds more like a tragic but still heroic story. I think the difficulty is never on technical level. Only on Bungie's attitude.

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