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Destiny 2

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5/26/2019 1:04:24 AM

There really truly needs bad luck protection in this game

Yes for BLP


No for BLP


I got insanely lucky and got 1k voices on my first run. Not a flex, just saying i got lucky. That being said, i havent pulled an exotic, not even a regular exotic, from a raid since then. This is utterly ridiculous. I raid every week multiples times a week. My clan mates raid every week multiple times a week. Why is it that there are people in my clan, who have done both scourge and LW and levi more then I, who still don't have 1k the anarchy or even the sparrow from scourge regardless of running 3 times a week since release of each. This is utterly unacceptable at this point in time in a game like this. Bad luck protection needs to be included into the game to make players feel like theyre actually progressing in raids. Like one of my clannies, you could do LW every week 3 times a week since release and still not have 1k. One big reason why a huge majority of the players don't raid is simply this fact. WoW has Bad luck Protection installed once people started complaining enough about not being able to progress or even feel like they have a chance to get better gear because of bad luck which happens. Nothing should feel so out of reach to every simply because of RNG not being in their favor ever. People aren't asking to have things literally handed to them. Theyre asking to feel like they even have a chance after 100+ runs. I know Im not the first to complain about this and I definitely wont be the last. I legit have a clan member who gets on, does 3 riven runs and 3 scourge runs, then gets off for the week because he has literally nothing else to do except slam his head into this wall that honestly doesn't look like he'll ever get it due to this crappy RNG. Hes openly stated to us hes thinking of quitting because of it. This isn't even his fault. He just has bad luck. This is how you get people to leave the game. Bad luck Protection needs to be implemented. Bungie, you have gloriously pissed off your players recently. You owe us something.

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  • I don’t really know about “bad luck protection”, I would just prefer the rng to be equally balanced. If I’m getting screwed on god rolls and exotics, I prefer everyone else to be experiencing the same difficulty. What do I mean by “equally balanced”? Isn’t the rng droprate equally balanced among players? Hah, actually no it is not... I’ve been keeping tabs on the community reports of droprates for certain items in the destiny universe for a few years now. It seems as if each item in the game has in internal value attached to it. I’m talking armor pieces, weapons, PERK COMBINATIONS, exotics, etc... And certain players have the odds of achieving these items better than others. In a very loose study by many in the community, it appears as if players who have either lapses in their playing time, or are just getting started with the game have a MUCH higher chance of obtaining “highly sought after” items in the game, be it an exotic or a god roll or certain armor pieces. Therefore, it appears that bungie has an internal system that “bumps” the rng for players who rarely play the game, if at all. Why is this? Well I can see a couple of reasons. I’m assuming part of it is to catch them up to the rest of players, and give them a slight leg up in order to get into (or back into) the game. The other reason I can come up with is simply to win players over who aren’t quite sold on the franchise. If they shower a noob or a player who only comes back once every season with the best loot in the game, maybe they’ll be convinced to become an every day dedicated player and spend more money and more time on the game.

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