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In addition to what O E r i e n a O said, if you're just after the bonuses that'd you'd gain by the DLCs for the collector's edition, you'll want to purchase the digital collector's edition upgrade from the Playstation Store. Yes, all codes for Destiny 1 physical copies will be expired, even the collector's edition. There have been some reports that some codes that slipped through Sony's own expiration system and were still valid to use, but those are definitely a hiccuppy exception, not an expectation; you are extremely unlikely to buy any physical copy of Destiny 1 (any version) and have valid DLC codes for any content included. So, with that knowledge, on PS4, you'll want to buy Destiny: The Collection (to get all the DLC up through Rise of Iron) and then the upgrade mentioned above. Both together will give you the Collector's Edition content as well as all DLCs (including Rise of Iron***). Destiny: The Collection : Destiny: Digital Collector's Edition Upgrade: (You may need to adjust the "en-us" country code if you're not in the US for the links; it should auto-direct you to the proper page though if you just re-select your country after clicking the link) ***It should be noted that the Collector's Edition only went up through TTK; there was no Collector's Edition for Rise of Iron, so if you got the Collector's Edition and the codes worked, you would still have needed to purchase Rise of Iron separately to have the most out of your Destiny 1 experience on PS4.

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