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5/26/2019 2:38:38 PM

Wall of Light: A New Home (fanfic)(part6)

The small band of Fallen looked around nervously. A strange creature had appeared to each of them, whispering of a new home for all who wanted one. They had brought all who cared to go together, awaiting the creature's return. ---------- Karz bowed to him. <Those who wish for a home are ready, master.> <Well done. Thank you for doing this. This place feels empty. It should make a good home for them. Is the ether lake ready?> <Yes master. All is in place for their arrival.> <Well then, I'll welcome them myself.> Rending his way to the villages, he looked around for a second. After viewing his world for a little, he rent his way to where the Fallen waited. ---------- The Fallen rustled uncomfortably when the rend appeared. Out of it stepped a human, covered in Hive and Taken corruption. From what they could see, the one eye that was unchanged was blue, and his skin was tanned. They looked at him, confused and frightened. <Calm yourselves> he called to them in their language. <I come not to harm you, but to give you a place to heal.> <What do you mean?> asked a Dreg. He smiled warmly. <I have a place ready for you to live in, a place with all that you need. You will have no need for violence or stealing, because everything will be plentiful. All you have to do is agree to not be violent, and you can enter.> <What kind of a trick is this?> a Captain snarled. <No tricks. Just a home, with enough ether to last ten lifetimes. And all you need to do is promise you won't hurt each other and that you will all be equal.> They looked around at themselves. A trio of Dregs stepped up to him. <We'd like to go> the leader said. The man smiled. <Of course. Pick whichever house you would like.> The Dregs looked at each other excitedly, and then ran into the portal. After they had left, the man looked out into the crowd. <Who's next?> he asked. Immediately, a flood of Dregs and Vandals rushed the opening. The Captains, while more reserved, eagerly awaited their turn. The man smiled watching this, knowing that he could help them become Eliksni again. ---------- A time later, he looked out at his world. The Eliksni had spread to all his villages, and restored their small population back to the glory of the Eliksni in the time of Chelchis. He smiled, seeing them work together and joke together. Every month he went out and invited more to his world, and every month even more came. His only problem was that they began to worship him. Troubled by this, he had tried to dissuade them from this, but to no avail. If anything, it had increased their fervor. Every day they gave thanks to him, calling him Kell. He had wished to avoid this, but accepted it anyway. They named themselves the House of Truth, and lived in peace in his throne world. High above them, he and his warriors waited, ready for anything that decided to attack. Every once in a while he ventured down and visited them. They received him with celebrations, but he was okay with that. Smiling, he knew he had done well. ---------- Jane stepped through the door. "You wanted me Commander?" Zavala nodded. "Come in. I've received some disturbing reports of large numbers of Fallen disappearing. I need you to go figure out what's happening. We need to know if we have a new threat to deal with." "I'll get right on it."

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