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An unusual issue with capturing game by OBS for streaming

Okay, so I finally decided to write this here, cause I can't figure it out. Maybe 9 months ago, I discovered some strange issue that pursue me [i]every day[/i] I play Destiny 2. [b]Setup:[/b] - PC: Ryzen 7 2700 X, RTX 2070, 16Gb RAM (The issue also appears at my previous PC build [i7 4790 + GTX 1060]) - Windows 10, latest update - GeForce Experience latest driver update - Streamlabs OBS / OBS Classic / OBS Studio (doesn't matter) - Game is capturing by "Window capture" source in OBS - Destiny 2 is running in "Windowed Fullscreen" mode. [b]Issue: [/b] When I start Destiny 2 from launcher, OBS starts capturing it till the moment a press any key to authorize in game. Then in-game loading proceeds, but OBS freeze the capture. In other words, I see the game screen and can play, but OBS no longer synchronize with game and stuck at empty loading screen. [u]This happens with 100% rate[/u]. [b]To resolve this[/b], the only option I have is: go to settings and change "Windowed Fullscreen" to "Fullscreen" and set back to "Windowed Fullscreen". Then OBS will resume capturing successfully. However, if the Destiny 2 wasn't the first fullscreen app running since the PC was turned on, this won't work and instead of loading in-game screen, the OBS will only give you a black screen. Then I need to restart my PC. The most interesting about this, the fact it's ONLY HAPPEN when I playing at MY[b] OWN [/b]account. What I mean here is that if I log in by ANY [b]OTHER[/b] account, the OBS will capture the game without any issue and even if "Screen capture" source is chosen. > Yes, I've tried to re-install Windows 10. > Yes, I've tried to apply "Multi-adapter Compatibility" option. > Yes, I've tried to capture game in OBS at different PC, same result. > Yes, I've tried to ask multiple streamers, they didn't get this issue ever and allowed to capture the game by every option OBS provide. I can provide screenshots or even a video for addition, if needed. Any tips?

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