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Destiny 2

Общее обсуждение Destiny 2.
5/20/2019 1:54:08 PM

It is spooky month my dudes. старое

I feel like I’ve never seen this much anger in a games forums before.

The community is really upset about the TWAB changes and nerfs. There are most of the player base has left, but probably will come back for content drops. Most of the exotics have been nerfed to the ground apparently. People are complaining about everything in the game now. Issues in this game really need to be addressed if the devs wish to keep their community. And that doesn’t mean by making the game more grindy, but fixing issues such as Trials being nonexistent and Faction rallies that nobody really cared about. There are definitely good things in this game such as the story and lore. But the gameplay itself needs to be worked on in order to keep enough people to play your next game launch.

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